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Pastors are front line community leaders in both rural and urban settings. They work with the rural and urban poor on issues both physical and spiritual every day. Wesley College, School of Theology, wants to educate pastors in order to improve these valuable resources and give them the tools needed in a rapidly changing world.



The School of Theology exists to educate and form graduates who are front-line community workers for rural and urban areas who speak to the current challenges of the world, and who lead communities towards the presence of God’s kingdom on earth.



To see a church which can speak into the world, addressing the challenges that are experienced everyday on both a small and large scale, and to be able to witness to and contribute to the presence of shalom (peace and justice) in the world.



Education for building God’s Kingdom


 Programs of Study

Diploma in Theology and Ministry

This is a two year, English program which will equip students to serve as pastors and leaders in the church.

For students with a call to ministry who have not yet completed their secondary education, they can enroll in our pre-diploma course which is one year of intensive English, adult education, and basic study skills all in a setting designed to form mature pastors and help them discern more fully their callings.

The program includes many practical, informational experiences including a two month ministry placement, regular mentoring by pastors, and outside of the classroom work to help form them vocationally.

Please click here for more information and here for an application form.

Scholarships are available to qualified students who apply for the diploma program.


Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies – to be offered at a future date

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