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Wesley College opened February 2017 on the top floor of Furaha Plaza, near Mlango Moja, in the city of Mwanza. For the next three years Furaha Plaza will host Wesley College's office space, lecture hall, classrooms, library, and computer lab while the permanent site is being constructed at Isela in Ilemela District of the Mwanza Region.

The temporary site has office space for staff, classrooms, a 40 unit computer lab, and an equipped library with both hard copies and electronic resources.


Permanent Site

Our permanent site is located in the Ilemela District, Kahama Ward, on Isela Street. When built the site will contain academic and living space for 3000 students (2000 on campus) studying theology, development, computer science, architecture, engineering, and other short courses.















Sustainable Construction:

There will be a focus on sustainability throughout construction. Human and natural resources are both valuable and both need to be cared for and developed.  The construction process will also use sustainable, low waster materials in order to reduce the impact on the environment around us. As in everything Wesley College does, we will strive to be an example not just in the values we proclaim, but in how we uphold them.

Learning Commons

At the center of campus will be a learning commons which will hold the library, but will also be more than a simple library.

The Learning Commons brings study, student research, and collaborative learning into focus through the intentional design of an environment that takes into account the use of physical space, the mindset of the student, and the learning needs of a globalized world. It is a collaborative, self-directed learning environment that is designed with the student in mind with helpful staff on the peripheral. The focus is on seamless workflow that moves from gathering information to creating a finished product whether it be a research paper or a presentation. The goal is to foster the type of practical education that will be a hallmark of Wesley College that focuses on how students can learn to gather information, decide what is relevant, and create a way to share it whether that is with other students in study groups, with professors in a paper, or their class through a presentation.

This will become a resource for students and for the surrounding community.


While the learning commons will be in the center, the Chapel will be at the very top of the hill that will overlook the campus. The overarching direction, whether directly stated or simply incorporated, of Wesley College is faith to God and how Wesley College students and staff can best live out their faith in the world.

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