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An Overview of the Department of Community Development 

The Department of Community Development coordinates Community development, leadership, and project planning programs at Wesley College. This is achieved through classroom education, research, outreach services, consultancy, and advisory services in the areas of community development, leadership, human rights, and project planning and management among others. Currently the department has one academic program (Certificate in Community Development) which uniquely addresses the development problems facing the wider community.


It is the expectation of the department in the near future to offer a diploma in community development and other programs such as Project planning and management, leadership and management, and Human rights and advocacy. Students in the department learn both theoretical and practical knowledge that can help them to engage in community projects, through either self-employment or formal employment.


Students graduating from our department can further be enrolled in Diploma level programs in related fields like human rights, social work, and project planning and management.  Currently the department has fully qualified staff members who are engaged on teaching, research and consultancy as well as community services.

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