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The main focus of the department is to equip learners through quality teaching with relevant knowledge, skills and dispositions so as to cope with ever changing world. More specifically, the department also aims at enabling students who have missed formal secondary education to join non-formal teaching while looking forward to sit for both form two and four National Examinations. Furthermore, helping students master the basic English Language communication skills for their daily in and out school interactions.


Currently the department is offering four programs namely;

STAGE ONE PROGRAM commonly termed as (QT) to help students who due to number of reasons failed to enroll themselves into Ordinary level secondary education pass the Form Two National Examination. Students who pass the Qualifying Test are awarded examination number to help them further their studies to the next stage called stage two also offered at the college.


STAGE TWO PROGRAM also known as Re-sitters stage. The aim of this stage is twofold; first is to assist those students who have passed their QT mentioned above sit for Form Four National Examination and secondly, to help those who have already sat for form four national exams but did not score good grades re-sit for this examination, thus the name re-sitters stage. The main goal at this stage is to make students graduate with good grades to enable them climb up other education levels like joining Advanced Secondary School Education or certificates programs some offered at Wesley College.


INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM, the focus of this program is to equip our customers (students) with required English Language communication skills around writing, listening and speaking dimensions. Upon completion of this program a student is expected to communicate well in both formal (specifically academic or business use of English Language) and informal environments.


ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM focuses to support adults become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency, obtain the educational skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children as both parents and guardians are advised to put substantial efforts in helping their children especially in doing school homework’s, reading, writing, and numeracy exercises, in which currently the majority of both parents and guardians can’t partly due to lack of literacy skills, and support small and medium entrepreneurs around the Lake zone in their daily to daily communication with their businesses counterparts as they converge together in the social media for goods and service production and provision respectively, marketing and purchase.

WESLEY COLLEGE is endowed with quality, experienced and professional growing staff who always provide support, encouragement and challenges enabling everyone in the college continue to grow. With this kind of staff no one can dare miss from being a part of it. Students are also committed to higher academic performance as they always bring in new challenging questions, ideas and experiences through their own studies. This also makes me as the head of department feel like a toddle in academic and professional sphere hence needing more learning.     

The Center for Adult Education will provide a range of courses and programs of study that are aimed at developing independent adults who will then be equipped to continue with further studies, whether it is vocational skill building, formal education, or executive style professional development. The foundation will be in place for them to then build their own futures.

English Courses for everyone from a beginner to brushing up executive level language skills. Please click here for an application form.

QT and Resitters is offered for those seeking to finish their secondary education. Wesley College is registered with the Institute of Adult Education. Click here for more information and here for an application.

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